Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to join The Merchant Cash Advance Industry via The ISO Recruiting Company?
No, we don't charge you a thing.
What is an ISO?
An ISO is a Independent Sales Organization- as an individual or group, the Merchant Cash Advance industry labels you the same. When you sign a contract with a MCA (Merchant Cash Advance), company you do so as an ISO- You can be "ONE," individual or you can be a team of individuals- whether you join as an individual or as a group, our industry uses the term ISO for our 1099 employment description.
Is there really unlimited income potential?
Yes, that said, in order to "strike" it rich, you must apply yourself daily- this is a career position- only about 5% of our ISO's make mid to high 6 and even 7 figure incomes. It is more realistic to expect $5,000 to $20,000 monthly though.
Is there an employment contract?
Yes, get ready- 9 out of 10 Merchant Cash Advance Companies are NOT what they appear to be, they are brokers... This is a Gold-Rush.... That said, there are a ton of imposters out there. The funder we represent has a CONTRACT in place to PROTECT you and set you at ease so you know you are going to get paid. These contracts outline what your commision terms are, use of marketing materials, and method of which you get paid among other things.
Do all Merchant Cash Advance companies loan/advance their own money to businesses?

No, in a world like the Merchant Cash Advance industry it is hard to tell the impostors from the real deal. This is a "GOLD RUSH" as we mentioned earlier- and with any Gold Rush, there is chaos- The ISO Recruiting Company was formed for four reasons:

  • To provide comfort as opposed to chaos of coming into the merchant cash advance industry.
  • To make sure ISO's are connected with the powers that be in the industry and not the impostors, so you don't get mislead.
  • To allow you an unlimmited ceiling financially.
  • To allow individuals without prior experience to come into the Merchant Cash Advance industry when they would otherwise not be permitted.
What does MCA mean?
Merchant Cash Advance
Are these loans or advances?

These are advances not loans. The funding company is buying future business at a discounted price- but our funder provides loans also.

Example of MCA: The lender gives a business owner $100,000 for 18 months at a fee of $125,000 pay back- The lender makes $25,000 in this example.

Why are there so many MCA companies on the web?
Many ISO's form their own companies and try to act as though they are lenders.
How long has the Merchant Cash Advance industry as a whole been around?
The industry has been around since 1992- but really formed it's wings in early 2007 when the mortgage and real-estate industry started to plummet and banks stopped lending people and businesses money.
Do I need a state or federal license to be in this industry?
No, an ISO operates under the license of the lenders in this industry- they take on the risk-not you.